We at BGSNPS pre-primary section believe that “Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons” and we constantly strive to make it special and memorable for each child at our school. Pre-School is not all about academics.

While learning every day is an integral part of our curriculum, we ensure that this learning happens in a stress-free environment where the child is let to explore and learn at his own pace and his own will. We believe “learning by doing” is the right way to challenge the super brains that are our children of today.

Every day at BGS NPS is an exciting day filled with interesting activities that stimulate the skills of our children.

“Give me patience when little hands Tug at me with small demands. Give me gentle words and smiling eyes, and keep my lips from sharp replies So that in years to come when my school is still, beautiful memories its rooms may fill.”

Pre-Primary I

Age group: 3 years as on 1st of June
Students -Teacher ratio: 17: 1

Our motive is to make our darlings, our little buds, feel that their classroom is a home away from home.
After a comfortable settling period, we gradually lead them into a world of exciting learning through hands-on activities. Our curriculum involves learning through phonics A-Z, Pre- number skills, number fun – 1-10, and we also kindle their imagination with our specially designed art and craft activities.

Pre-Primary II

Students -Teacher ratio: 17: 1

Now our well-groomed Pre-Primary I children have graduated to become the Blossoms of Pre-Primary II.
We refresh their memories with a boost of recap sessions with a lot of activities. They are now ready to take up new learning for their academic year.
Our curriculum for Pre-Primary II includes recap of A-Z, introduction of lower case, cursive writing, phonics of simple words, Pre-number skills, number fun- 1 to 20, number names, first step in to exploring the world around me through environmental education, and a continuous boost to their creative skills through our art and craft activities.

Pre-Primary III

Students -Teacher ratio: 17: 1

Our little flowers that have just blossomed are the senior most in our Pre-Primary section. They are now ready for advanced learning through interactive classroom sessions which bring out the curious and excited self in each child.
Our curriculum for Pre-Primary III includes a quick recap of the previous academic year followed by stepping into the whole new world of words, gradually building up their vocabulary and enabling them to frame sentences by the end of the year, number fun 1-100,number names, the concept of dimension, quantities, addition and subtraction, exploring the world around me through environmental studies, hands on art and craft activities to feed their exploring minds and we prepare them to graduate them with flying colours and enter into a world of higher learning in our Primary Section.

In-house curriculum books:

Our curriculum books are specially and carefully designed by our dedicated staff, in the best interest of the child’s progress, keeping in mind the need of the day. They are updated frequently to meet the education standards.

Theme based activities:

We have handpicked interesting themes and all our activities are based on our chosen theme.
BGSNPS being a part of the eco-friendly drive, we inculcate a strong sense of being a friend to our mother earth in our tiny tots. This is facilitated by our interesting best out of waste activities.

Our classrooms- An inviting space

To motivate the child and make the classroom atmosphere attractive, we have bulletin boards, theme boards and special boards installed in the classrooms to aid the child in the early years of learning and writing.

An integrated curriculum:

An integration of Montessori Method and activity-based learning is what we follow at BGSNPS.
To break the monotony of the classroom, we entertain and educate our children with thoughtful Audio-Visual sessions.
To pep up the end of every week and gear them up for the upcoming week, we have No Book Fridays which every child will look forward to, because of the hours of fun during which the child is allowed to choose and enjoy his favorite activity.

Our knowledge Centre:

To Mould our children into little book lovers we have an inviting and informative Pre-Primary Library which is a huge source of knowledge and fun.

Co-curricular activities:

Free Play, indoor play, music and dance are also an integral part of our co-curricular activities. We also give adequate exposure to our kids to be confident individuals through various programs and performances on stage throughout the year and exhibitions.
We at BGSNPS celebrate all festivals and occasions in a special way, not only for our kids, but we also make our parents a part of our celebrations.


Our infrastructure is planned in such a way that it is very comfortable and safe for our children, Our classrooms are spacious and well-ventilated with child-friendly wash areas.
Shortly, a swimming pool measuring 30 x 12 feet and 4 feet depth with a heated pool facility will be available for all our children within our premises.

Together we can…

The parent-teacher interaction at BGSNPS is a lot more than just updating the parent about the progress of their child. It is an open house where both the parent and the teacher share their input and work together towards the betterment of the child. Apart from the regular PTIs, our teachers are available to the parents on the phone on all weekdays between 4 and 6 pm in case of any concern or clarification that the parent might have.

Our Dedicated Team:

Each class is handled by 2 teachers and assisted by 1 maid throughout the day.
Our faculty is given regular training through our extensive orientation program and by regular in-house training sessions. They are given an adequate opportunity to attend various seminars/conferences and workshops conducted by our school and also external organizations.

“Children must be taught HOW TO THINK and not WHAT TO THINK”.